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Summer 2021 Camp Registration is open!

Thank you everyone for all of your support this year. We could not have survived without your support. This time last year we were hopeful that we would be able to open camp again at some point. And now, finally, we can!

We’re excited to announce that registration is open for nine weeks of small, in-person, socially distanced camps this summer for kids aged 7-13!

These camps will take place at 577 Somerville Ave. and each camp has only twenty camper slots to allow for social distancing.

We are incredibly excited for our first post-COVID on-site, in-person camp! We’re looking forward to a summer of tinkering, playing, sewing, programming, creating and more. While COVID-19 precautions (see below for more details) may limit us in some ways, we are full of ideas for a camp full week of invention and play. We haven’t raised our prices but if you are able, you can chip into our cleaning fund here.

Weeks and themes:

A tinkering camp for girl-identified kids aged 7-13. We’ll solder, sew, play, code, draw, dance and create!

This is a second separate week of camp for girl-identified kids aged 7-13. We ask that parents only sign up for one of these two weeks to give as many girls a chance to participate as possible.

'Tis but a scratch! We love friendly battles like water games, boffer swords, battle bots, table top gaming. Join us for a week of medieval weaponry, cardboard armor, role-playing and more.

We love miniature worlds! Join us for a small week of tiny fun making dollhouse furniture, role playing games, 3D printed characters, doll hacking, dioramas and more!

Let’s get the band back together! We’re excited to spend a week exploring music and devices that make music. Let’s make our own drums, electronic music devices, computer-generated music and dance, sing and play!

We’re going to spend a week celebrating all things that light up and glow - by creating circuits, disco balls, leds, glow in the dark paint, black lights, campfires and more!

Along with our usual program of playing, making and inventing, we will explore the world of illusions! We’ll make and perform our own magic tricks, create optical illusions and of course play Magic the Gathering.

Last year we worked together online to bring Kelly Taylor to justice for the kidnapping of Isabella Drago! This year, in person we’re going to hone our spy skills and solve some mysteries in person! Periscopes, lock picking, escape game design, code-breaking, secret messages, disguises and more!

We’re excited to use our engineering skills to create arcade and carnival games to share with the world! We’ll make giant board games, cardboard arcades, marble mazes, electronic puzzles and learn how to code classic arcade games in Scratch. At the end of the week we’ll invite family and friends to visit the Parts and Crafts Midway.

COVID-19 Precautions:

Our COVID-19 protocols and waiver can be found here.

A summary of our plans is as follows:

Maximum participants will be:

20 Campers

4 Staffers (vaccinated.)

2 Counselors-in-Training

Drop off and pick up will take place outside the building (exact details to follow.) Drop off health screening will be required.

We will do as many activities and meetings outside as is possible.

We have added an additional “outdoor classroom” behind Parts and Crafts.

The space will be disinfected daily.

Hand sanitizer, mask wearing, regular hand-washing and six foot social distancing will be required.

In the event that a child develops COVID-19 symptoms while on-site, we will need to isolate them.

If a camper or household member is diagnosed with COVID-19,, we may need to close the program and credits (but not refunds) will be issued.

Some traditional Parts and Crafts activities may not be possible under these restrictions or may have decreased options or capacity.

Thanks so much! We can’t wait to see you again!

The Parts and Crafts Crew

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