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School Vacation

When school is out, we are open! We started in 2009 as a summer camp, and this is the heart of Parts & Crafts. Every summer we open our doors to kids from all over the Boston area who want to make, play, take things apart, build, create, learn, and have fun! Summer sessions are lightly themed, just for flavor, while the weeks we run during the school year are more seasonal. We run a session for the  week of February break and a week of April vacation when the local public schools are closed, and sometimes in December, if the stars and weekends align. 


Winter Break

When schools close in late December to early January, if there are enough work days in between and staffing available such that it works out, we sometimes run a 3-5 day session of Winter Camp, which often focuses on making of gifts for those that exchange them, as well as all of our normal activities. When we get the opportunity to run this camp, it is often small and cozy and quiet.


February & April Break

Schools again close for a week in February and April. The weather is often a grab bag of glorious sunshine and a hot mess. We plan for all contingencies, urging kids to bring snow gear as well as sunscreen to these wacky New England weather weeks. We of course do all our usual projects, but these are often our first tastes of the outdoors after a long winter.


Our week-long summer sessions run from roughly a week after the end of the school year to two weeks before Labor Day. These dates are not carved in stone, as the start and end dates of the school year fluctuate from year to year, especially considering snow days an other factors. Each week is themed for flavor, some more heavily influencing the week than others. The last 2 years we have ended with P&C Arcade! Register Here!

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