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Parts and Crafts Summer Camp Registration Is Open!

Thank you for your patience while we worked out some important details. Registration for Parts and Crafts Summer Camp is now open!

We’re excited to have you join us for another summer of tinkering, making, playing, coding and more. A few things are different this year!

One, most importantly: This summer we are running Parts and Crafts camp at the Kennedy School located at the corner of Elm Street and Cherry Street, Somerville! It’s the same camp, just in more space than we currently have, so we can have a lot more kids. Because of this partnership we are also able to designate 20% of our slots as free camp slots. For information about how to apply for free camp slots, follow this link. We will follow up with more detailed information about pick up and drop off and procedural differences like that as we get closer to the summer. We’ll also update our COVID-19 policies and procedures once it’s more clear what the summer will look like in terms of the pandemic.

Secondly: Because of the limitations of holding camp inside a school, the schedule is a bit different. The last day of camp will be Friday August 5th. And we are required to end late care at 5:00pm. But other than that, the schedule and activities aren’t going to be very different from our previous amazing summers. Here’s the plan for summer 2022:

Girls Invention Week June 27th - July 1st

A tinkering camp for girl-identified kids aged 7-13. We’ll solder, sew, play, code, draw, dance and create! $350. Early and Late Care available

Miniature Worlds July 5-8th (no camp July 4th)

We love miniature worlds! Join us for a small week of tiny fun making dollhouse furniture, role playing games, 3D printed characters, doll hacking, dioramas and more! $280. Early and Late Care available.

Parts and Quests July 11th - 15th

'Tis but a scratch! We love friendly battles like water games, boffer swords, battle bots, tabletop gaming. Join us for a week of medieval weaponry, cardboard armor, role-playing and more.

$350. Early and Late Care available

Light it Up! July 18th - 22nd

We’re going to spend a week celebrating all things that light up and glow - by creating circuits, disco balls, leds, glow in the dark paint, black lights, campfires and more!

$350. Early and Late Care available

Spy Week July 25th - 30th

Last year we worked together to bring Basil, the dog CIT back to us for a final visit! Let’s continue to hone our spy skills and solve another mystery! Periscopes, lock picking, escape game design, code-breaking, secret messages, disguises and more!

$350. Early and Late Care available

Parts and Crafts Arcade August 1st - 5th

We’re excited to use our engineering skills to create arcade and carnival games to share with the world! We’ll make giant board games, cardboard arcades, marble mazes, electronic puzzles and learn how to code classic arcade games in Scratch. At the end of the week we’ll invite family and friends to visit the Parts and Crafts Midway.

$350. Early and Late Care available

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