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When There Are Nine - A Free Virtual Class for all Ages

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

When There Are Nine: The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Future of the Supreme Court

Wednesday September 30, 3-5PM EST.

All ages, free. This class will take place over Zoom.

Please RSVP here.

Sometimes, even against all of the odds, a single person can have an immeasurable impact on the country or even the world. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of these people.

In this workshop we’ll learn about her legacy from civil rights attorney to her status as pop-culture icon, and look at some ways she had an impact on every American, whether they know it or not! We’ll learn about landmark cases she fought, her impact on the Supreme Court, and something she was particularly well known for - dissents.

Then we’ll talk a little bit about what happens next in the Supreme Court. Cora is an attorney who has specialized in teaching civics and constitutional law to kids for 8+ years. This workshop is appropriate for all ages, and adults are encouraged to attend!  

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