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Summer Programs 2023 Registration is Open!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Join us for up to 9 weeks of summer!

A tinkering week for girl-identified kids aged 7-13.  We’ll solder, sew, play, code, draw, dance and create!

We love miniature worlds!  Join us for a small week of tiny fun making dollhouse furniture, role playing games, 3D printed characters, doll hacking, dioramas and more!

Please note:  We are closed on Tuesday July 4th!

Affirm is a new week of camp specifically for Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming youth to create awesome crafts, play fun engaging games, and build community. A week for kids to just be themselves!

We'll continue to hone our spy skills by solving mysteries, building real & Imaginary spy devices like periscopes, spy detectors, laser scopes, or secret identity badges,  escape game design, code-breaking, secret messages, disguises and more!

Let’s get the band back together!  We’re excited to spend a week exploring music and devices that make music and some that don't.  Let’s make our own instruments, electronic music devices, computer-generated music and dance, sing and play!

'Tis but a scratch!  We love friendly battles like water games, boffer swords, battle bots and table top gaming.  Join us for a week of medieval weaponry, cardboard armor, role playing and more!

Sew, it seams a bolt-load of kids are into fiber arts! Come fibe with as we crochet, cross-stitch, create with kumihimo, nålbinding, knitting, sewing, weaving, and all things stringy and fibrous! You won't beweave your eyes!

We’re going to spend a week celebrating all things that light up and glow - by creating circuits, disco balls, LEDs, glow in the dark paint, black lights, campfires and more! 

We’re excited to use our engineering skills to create arcade and carnival games to share with the world!  We’ll make giant board games, cardboard arcades, marble mazes, electronic puzzles and learn how to code classic arcade games in Scratch.  At the end of the week we’ll invite family and friends to visit the Parts and Crafts Midway.

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