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Registration for Parts and Crafts Afterschool 2022-2023 is open!

Parts and Crafts afterschool is a choice-based, kid directed makerspace afterschool program. We spend our afternoons making cardboard creations, soldering, coding games in scratch, playing role playing games and magic, sewing, 3D printing and more!

Important: We have moved locations! As of September 2022 we will be running programs exclusively out of our new location at 561 Windsor St. (aka “the Taza Chocolate building”) Suite B402. We’re incredibly excited about our new space. No programs will occur at 577 Somerville Ave.

Unfortunately, our proximity to local schools has changed. We are now within walking distance of three schools: The Argenziano, Prospect Hill Academy and King Open. We will no longer be running walking school buses to the Kennedy School. We do not currently have plans to purchase a vehicle for child transportation. Parents whose children attend schools we cannot reach can email us with the subject line Carpool Request: [Name of School] and we will try to match up parents who might be able to work together.

Half Day Wednesdays

We’re offering half day Wednesdays again! Half day Wednesdays are optional, drop-in days. They are not included with regular Wednesday registration. If your child is not enrolled in regular Wednesdays and you sign them up for a half day Wednesday you can either pick them up at 3pm or sign them up as a drop in for the regular Wednesday afternoon from 3-5:30pm. Email with any questions.

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